mt masking tape

Apply and remove mt CASA masking tape
for an easy DIY life.

A masking tape that's easy to remove for whimsical use on walls, windows, and furniture.

  • Let's start EASY mt CASA Interior compilation
  • Let's enjoy a collage of life mt CASA POP KITCHEN compilation
  • Let's enjoy a collage of life mt CASA  CHIC LIVING compilation

Use mt CASA to dress up the room.

As if you change your clothes,
it will make your feeling good if you can enjoy an atmosphere which is different from usual by change interiors according to your feeling, TPO and purposes.
"mt CASA" is masking tape for interior decoration to realize your feelings.

Easy and simple. Basic way of pasting mt CASA


  • mt CASA
  • mt CASA sheet
  • mt CASA seal
  • mt CASA shade
  • mt CASA fleece

Please note that the quality of mt CASA is strictly controlled in its production process. However, its color may differ by production lot.