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User policy

User policy

Kamoi kindly asks visitors of this website to obey following rules.
When browsing this website, it is deemed that visitors have agreed to the rules shown hereinafter.
The terms and conditions of use of this website and service contents included herein may change from time to time.
Please check the terms and conditions each time you browse this website.
The terms and conditions of use will become effective from the time they are posted on the website.

Operation policy

  1. This website aims to provide users with masking tape and high quality information relevant to the tape and to enhance users' exchange of beneficial information through provision of high quality information by users within the website.
  2. The operations and services of this website may be terminated, delayed or interrupted due to unavoidable reasons, including natural disaster, without prior notices to the users. Kamois and the Project Office are not responsible for any damage and losses incurred by users resulting from the above-mentioned activities.

Copy rights

  1. Users shall be aware of the copyrights of the information and design, as well as drawings showing such design, attributed to the Project Office and persons/parties from who the Project Office is licensed. Users are not allowed to copy and/or send the information which the users have become known to as a result of browsing the website, without a prior notice to the Project Office, for any purposes other than private use.
  2. The Project Office shall be granted intellectual property rights, trade secrets, know-how and all other intellectual properties, including copyrights of contents that users have posted on the site at no cost to the Project Office upon receipt of the said information
  3. "KAMOI mt masking tape" is a trade mark of Kamoi Kakoshi Co., Ltd.

About link track back

  1. To provide users with beneficial information and services, the Project Office and third persons/parties may provide links to other websites and resources.
    The Project Office does not control the contents of externally-linked websites, therefore, it is not responsible for any damage or losses incurred by users resulting from browsing the contents in the linked websites.
  2. The Project Office reserves the right to refuse the indication of track backs to the contents of blogs on the website, if the Project Office deems it is inappropriate to indicate the track backs due to the inclusion of contents of adult entertainment, against public orders and moralities and defaming the website and the Project.

Personal information

Users are not required to disclose their personal information to browse this website.
However, the Project Office may ask users to provide us with the personal information when using some services.
In this case, the Project Office will not disclose such personal information to any third persons/parties,

Access log

The Project Office keeps the record of access by users to this website in the access log.The log data is used mainly for the following purposes:

  1. To seek and solve causes of troubles that happen to the web server.
  2. To improve the content of the website for the better satisfaction of users.
  3. To utilize the access log for statistic information, such as the state of use, without identifying individuals who browsed the site.

Prohibited act

The users are prohibited to commit the following conducts at the time of browsing the website.

  1. Spoofing to send or write information.
  2. Defacing of information on this website.
  3. Sending or writing harmful computer programs to this website.
  4. The infringement of intellectual property rights, including copyrights shown in this website.
  5. Writing personal information of third persons/parties and the infringement of the privacy of the third persons.
  6. Abusing, assaulting or defaming characters of third persons/parties.
  7. Sexual harassment, discriminatory comment, acts which are against manners when using the Internet or any other acts against public orders and molarities.
  8. Posting of any advertisement, election campaign, proselytization and any acts of soliciting, including pyramid scheme.
  9. Acts which may cause disadvantage, damage and losses to users, third persons/parties and the Project Office

Responsibility and disclaimer

The Project Office will not take any responsibility for the information disclosed by users of this website.
The Project Office will not take any responsibility for disputes arising between users and the third persons/parties resulting from writing on the website and users shall be responsible for bearing the cost incurred for solving the disputes.

Authority for deletion

The Project Office reserves the right to delete writing by the users without any prior notice to them if the following reasons apply, provided that the Project Office is not obliged to manage the writing.

  • The Project Office deems that the posted and written contents are pertinent to prohibited acts.
  • The posted and written contents become garbled and thus the Project Office deems they are illegible.
  • The same content is posted and written repeatedly.
  • Any other cases that the Project Office deems necessary to delete.

Established on January 15, 2008.