マスキングテープ「mt」- masking tape -


mt factory tour vol.13 開催【二次募集受付中】

  • 期間
    2024.09.11 → 09.24
  • 会場
    factory tour集合場所=カモ井パーキング 岡山


mt factory tour vol.13 開催【二次募集受付中】

第13回「mt factory tour」工場見学会のお知らせ

You can see the process of manufacturing “mt”

◉mt factory tour vol.13テープを始め、mtの豊富なラインナップを販売します
Selling limited edition tapes and a wide range of "mt" masking tape during mt factory tour vol.13

◉mt CASA shop では、リメイクシートなど全ラインナップを販売します
mt CASA shop: Selling all lineup of mt CASA series.

◉mt つかみ取り 一番白熱する企画なので、ぜひお試しください
mt grabbing: It is the most thrilling event, so please give it a try.

◉mt 量り売り テープをお好みの分量(1g=4円)で販売します。
mt sold by weight: Selling tape in your preferred quantity (1g =4yen)

◉mt 計り売り お好みの幅にテープをカットし、販売いたします。
mt sold by width: Selling tape in your preferred width.

mt color selection

You can order tapes with your preferred colour and pattern combination from the templates.

※Payment is available only at the venue.
※Please keep your order number and provide it at the payment counter.
※Shipping is available for only in Japan. We regret to inform you that we do not ship internationally.

◉限定商品をゲット! mtひもくじ
Get Limited Edition items! mt pull-string lottery

Selling limited edition laser-cut notebooks.

Special novelties will be given to all participants.

◉元祖ぶっかけうどんの「ふるいち」や自家焙煎珈琲の専門店「BESSO COFFEE ROASTERS」が工場内に出店します。
Local renowned shops such as "Furuichi" (Original Bukkake Udon) and the Home-Roasted Coffee shop "BESSO COFFEE ROASTERS," will open stores inside the factory.

◉期間中ご協力頂く、倉敷市内のmt サポートショップをご紹介します。
We will introduce mt support shops in Kurashiki city that will cooperate during the period.

Exhibition of an installation by the artist "KOMIYA TARO"

◉mt アウトレットコーナー
mt Outlet Corner

◉mt stamp Rally 対象です。
Eligible for the mt Stamp Rally.

Accepting payments cashless only.

※ For mt gacha, mt grabbing, and mt pull-string lottery, please pay by cash at the counter. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

List of supported cashless payments:

Credit card

Rakuten Card / VISA / Mastercard / JCB / American Express / Diners Club / Discover Card


Rakuten Edy / Apple Pay / QUICPay / iD / nanaco / Kitaca / Suica / PASMO / TOICA / manaca /ICOCA / SUGOCA / nimoca / Hayakaken

QR Payments:

LINE Pay/d払い/PayPay/楽天ペイ/au PAY/メルペイ/ゆうちょPay/WeChat Pay/Alipay
LINE Pay / d pay / PayPay / Rakuten Pay / au PAY / Merpay / Yucho Pay / WeChat Pay / Alipay

The time of the return bus will be specified.

*Please board the return bus at the time indicated on your bus ticket. However, if there are vacant seats, boarding will be on a first-come, first-served basis (Please note that the time may vary due to traffic conditions).

*Bus tickets for the return will be distributed at Kamoi Parking.

【In the case that when the representative is unable to attend】

If the representative who registered for the tour cannot attend, we kindly ask that one person in the group becomes the representative instead.

Please download the Participant Change Application Form below in advance, fill in the contact information, and submit the form at reception on the day of the tour.

(頂きました個人情報はmt factory tourでの管理以外に使用は致しません。)
(The personal information received will only be used for the management of mt factory tour.)

Download the Participant Change Application Form here:

factory tour vol.13 参加者変更申込書
factory tour vol.13 Participant Change Application Form

Applications for the first and second recruitment have ended.


Click here to apply

It is not based on the order of application. If we receive many applicants, a lottery system will be used.



・Each person can apply only once. Be aware that the same person cannot apply several times.
・Kamoi will strictly protect the personal information contained in the application form and will not use it for any purposes other than the application.
・Application using any forms other than Kamoi's application form will not be accepted.
・If there are many applicants, the winners will be selected by a draw. The result will be sent by e-mails at a later date.
・The draw will take place by grouping applicants based on desired day and time zone of a day for a plant tour. Kamoi will inform winners of the times of buses which will leave the gathering point for the plant.The time of the bus cannot be changed once it has been determined for each applicant.
※Click here for the bus departure time zones.
・For design reasons and to recreate the atmosphere of the time when the plant was operated as a production facility, the handrails on the circular staircase and the holes on the second floor for mixing equipment have been kept as is in the "No.3 mixing plant."This could be dangerous for children and adults, so pay special attention when passing by.Kamoi will be exempted from any responsibility for injuries and accidents that happen in the plant.


【mt STAMPアプリ『mt FACTORY tourご招待!』クーポンをお持ちのお客様へ】
【About the mt STAMP App Coupon 'mt FACTORY Tour Invitation!'】

mt STAMPアプリ『mt FACTORY tourご招待!』クーポンをお持ちのお客様は前回同様に『mt FACTORY tourご招待!』クーポンからmt FACTORY tour 応募フォームを開きまして必要事項を入力して応募を完了させてください。
Customers who have a 'mt FACTORY tour invitation!' coupon in the mt STAMP app are required to access the application form through the coupon and complete it with the necessary information.

Please fill in the necessary information and select your preferred dates of your first, second, and third choices.

※mt STAMPアプリのクーポンを経由することなく応募フォームにエントリーされますと優先権を利用出来ませんのでご注意下さい。
Please note that if you enter the application form via mt STAMP app coupon, you will not be able to utilize the priority privilege.


factory tour集合場所=カモ井パーキング