mt next 100 project ロゴ

mt NEXT100 しあわせのはね

Proposal for project of the “Happiness feather (しあわせのはね)” from Mr. Rei Nishimura.

Mr. Nishimura created the trade name Atelier Perpendiculaire while still a high school student in Kyoto. He has a passion to help elderly persons and people with disabilities feel connections with society through “handicrafts with art”. He proposed using mt masking tape as a tool in this “Feathers of Happiness” project.

We deeply agreed with his approach and decided to participate in the project by providing mt masking tape.

They are made in several places, such as Atelier Leaf which is facility for supporting for continuous employment.

Atelier Leaf is a facility that provides employment support for people with various disabilities. The “Happiness feather (しあわせのはね)” projects are now underway at the facility. At first the projects were more challenging than expected, but success came as individuals found their strengths. This proposal from Mr. Rei Nishimura came at a time when the number of events and in-house work was decreasing because of Covid.

It is also sold at the Shop called Kiiroi Tori Utsuwa, mt lab. and mt events.

The first shop to sell the “Happiness feather (しあわせのはね)” goods was the Yellow Bird Shop, owned by an acquaintance of Mr. Rei Nishimura's mother. The goods are popular both as a product and as an accent for gift wrapping

The makers of these goods are enjoying a renewed sense of participation in society, and the sellers are enjoying supporting this project by having these products for sale in their shops.