mt next 100 project ロゴ

mt NEXT100 washi wrapping

Base paper of beautiful masking tape which is dyed with ink from the core.

Many industrial tapes, which are mainly used in construction sites and painting, have vivid and high-visibility colouring. Instead of surface printing, the paper is dyed with ink from the core. The resultant paper has the same deep and beautiful colour on both sides.

As with the mt “Heta”, this leftover base paper could not be processed and was discarded every day.

We want to deliver the wrapping paper, which is cut as proper size, to those who need them.

We decided to sell these beautiful papers, with their unique textures and colours, by cutting them to the proper size for use as wrapping paper. We hope they will be used for wrapping gifts and bouquets.

We thought that the strong washi base paper for masking tape, which is also thin and flexible and can be applied anywhere, would be suitable for wrapping.

For personal gifts and professional wrapping

We have started selling the wrapping paper in sets of 20 sheets for use wrapping at home or in a shop. We hope that this upcycled wrap, which used to be discarded, will bring smiles to both giver and recipient. Of course, please use these beautiful papers as material for children's crafts and art.