mt next 100 project ロゴ

mt NEXT100 mt heta box

What is mt “Heta”?

Masking tape rolls are made by slicing a long roll of paper, a “log roll", into individual rolls. The scraps on either end of the log roll are called “Heta”. These irregularly shaped “Heta” have been discarded in the manufacturing process up until now. When customers saw these Heta at mt factory tours and mt events, they said, “I’m curious! The unevenness is so cute!” These Heta have now become more popular day by day.

Artwork "Masking Tape Elephant"

This is the "Masking Tape Elephant" created from mt “Heta” by Yodogawa Technique and students from the Kyoto University of Arts for mt Expo 2021. The artwork, measuring 1.6m high x 3.5m wide, graphically illustrates that a baby elephant’s worth of mt “Heta” is created and discarded in 8 hours of production time.

We saw the potential of mt “Heta” and our desire to utilize “Heta” as a material in various ways with our creativity, instead of discarding as waste, became stronger.

As art and craft materials, for fingertip training

We have decided to sell an assortment set of mt “Heta" in Japan. These “Heta” are unevenly shaped but still perfect to use as tape. We hope you will use these “Heta” for children’s workshops, art classes in schools, nursing care recreation, rehabilitation and in many other ways.

These are also things that are born from our precious products. We hope we can deliver them to our customers with happiness and surprise.