mt next 100 project ロゴ

mt NEXT100 washi packing

Paper for making industrial tape which gets thrown out every day.

When making industrial tape, there are also large quantities of scrap offcuts called “Heta”. This is thrown away every day, the same as mt “Heta”.

Industrial masking tape is made using a large amount of raw material. The last bit of the material cannot be processed into tape and remains as paper without adhesive. Industrial base paper is not printed, but the whole base paper is dyed, so both sides of the paper are deeply and vividly coloured. We felt that we could use this beautifully coloured paper for something else.

As Washi packing material when deliver “mt” masking tape

First, we began to shred these colourful washi papers to create cushioned washi packing material for sending mt masking tapes.

The washi packing material is more colourful than plastic air packing cushions, and it is more eco-friendly to use what would have otherwise been discarded

Finally available as wrapping material.

The customers who received their orders with washi packing materials were very pleased. As a result, we have decided to offer “Washi Packing” to customers for purchase. We plan to develop rolled wrapping paper and other products using this paper in the future.

Even though there is a trend for simple wrapping, we feel that it would be wonderful if we could add colour and kindness to gifts and packages by making use of discarded items. Please come and experience the new products coming out of the masking tape factory.