mt masking tape

Adhere it to windows rhythmically
to enjoy the light transmitting through mt.

It is easy to paste it on windows. For windows in the kids' rooms and displays in the shops.

Fun to use polka-dot patterns.
Unique furniture completed

You can enjoy the fun of pop art by incorporating it in your interior and sticking it anywhere from furniture and table cloth to curtains.


On the floor, walls and stair ways.
It's cute just by pasting it.

Paste it randomly to accent your room. Adhere tape to decorate the space you like, as if you adhere stickers.

Interior decoration will be more fun using your ideas.
Adhere two pieces together like garlands or use to make ornaments for party decoration.

mCharacteristics of mt CASA Seal

The base paper of mt is cut into a 50mm round disc. Put them together on windows and walls, and you can make polka-dot patterns easily. Aesthetic and light transmission properties make it beautiful when pasted on the glass.

* Precautions for use: Depending on the type of surface, the surface of some places may be removed or a trace may be seen after removing mt. Before using, please first paste it in an obscure location to check.

mt CASA Seal (Φ50mm)

  • ドット・いちごミルク
    dot strawberry milk
  • ドット・アイス
    dot ice
  • ストライプ・レモン
    stripe lemon
  • ストライプ・ブルー
    stripe blue
  • ストライプ・ライラック
    stripe lilac
  • ボーダー・いちご
    border strawberry
  • ボーダー・キウイ
    border kiwi
  • ショッキング グリーン
    shocking green
  • ショッキング レッド
    shocking red
  • マットホワイト
    matte white
  • マットブラック
    matte black
  • 金
  • ドット・金
    dot gold
  • ストライプ・銀
    stripe silver
  • ボーダー・ブラック
    border black
  • ドット・ミント
    dot mint base
  • ドット・ショッキングピンク
    dot pink base
  • 水彩 (1枚ずつ柄が異なります)
    water color(Patterns differ by sheet)
  • 青空 (1枚ずつ柄が異なります)
    blue sky(Patterns differ by sheet)
  • 星空 (1枚ずつ柄が異なります)
    starry sky(Patterns differ by sheet)

mt CASA Seal S size(Φ35mm)

  • マットホワイト
    matte white
  • マットブラック
    matte black
  • ショッキングレッド
    shocking red
  • ショッキンググリーン
    shocking green
  • 金


  • mt CASA
  • mt CASA sheet
  • mt CASA seal
  • mt CASA shade
  • mt CASA fleece

Please note that the quality of mt CASA is strictly controlled in its production process. However, its color may differ by production lot.