mt masking tape


  • Tear it, paste it and remove it.Full lineup of "mt." Colorful and fashionable masking tape with which you can easily add colors and styling to your lives.
  • Wouldn't it be nice if you can change the atmosphere of your room as if you were changing your clothes?Then, go for mt CASA!! Low-adhesive-strength tape makes it easy to change the image of your room even if you are living in a rented apartment.
  • These are the pleasant stickers that have slight transparency and flexible feeling of use realized by Washi paper, same as the masking tape. Please enjoy designs and patterns with a playful senses of humor.
  • mt wrap is a new type of wrapping paper created from Washi paper and adhesive technologies.As it has detachable adhesives at both ends, everybody can make beautiful wrapping easily.
  • It's a cute tape cutter that always allows you to use mt quickly under any situation, including places in town, at your desk, or in the kitchen.It is convenient to carry around.
  • This has made it possible to carry around your favorite mts and share them with friends.You can share your favorite "mt" with your friends and carry it around in a compact way.


  • 2021SS
  • mt CASA
  • 2020AW
  • mt art tape
  • mt wrap
  • mt cutter twins


  • mt casa SPECIAL
    mt casa
  • special_wrap
    mt wrap
  • special_cutter
    mt cutter nano
  • special_makimaki
    mt makimaki

Gallery showing the nice ways to use mt

Use mt and you will have fun every day! Check some ideas of use here!Full of nice ideas that you might also want to do, from wrapping using mt to room decoration.