mt masking tape

Beginning of mt was a book.

It was a mini book created by three women who were fascinated by masking tape. It was filled with fantastically designed features, clearing away our concept that masking tape is a typical product for an industrial use. We were deeply impressed by them and started development of mt to meet their request to make "masking tapes of different new colors." mt tape with twenty different colors like color pencils was completed as a result of repeated try and error.

mt is made at a dedicated factory established in 1923.

It is produced at a dedicated factory of masking tape at which industrial masking tape was made to be used for painting of building, cars and furniture. Unique Japanese masking tape made of Washi paper is strong while being extremely thin compared with those made in other countries. It has an excellent adhesiveness and it was well-received world-wide as it can be removed easily without leaving a trace.

To create surprise from small tape

In the spring 2012, "Kamoi Kakoshi Museum of Historical Data" was opened by utilizing an old factory which existed on the site of headquarters and factory. Exhibitions titled "mt exhibition" and "mt Expo" which opened up the possibility of mt were held in Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Bangkok and Seoul. We also made booths at many international exhibitions. In addition, we have a campaign of "mt school," which is held to inform our customers to enjoy the use of mt.