mt masking tape

Almost one century has passed since we started our company producing fly catch paper

  • 1923
    The founder, Toshiro Kamoi, established "Kamoi Fly Catch Paper Works."
    The product was named "Kamoi's Haitori-gami (fly catch paper)" (flat type) and the trademark was decided to be a "rising sun" when delivering products to the market.
    The following year, we started exports to Southern Asian areas and North and South America, in addition to Korea, Manchuria, and Taiwan.
  • 1930
    Completed the headquarters building
    We developed a ribbon type fly catch paper and released it under name of "Kamoi's Ribbon Haitori-gami (fly catch paper)."
  • 1933 - 1952
    We developed "Kirimetsu," a liquid insecticide using pyrethrin drug products.
    We created a great boom in the liquid insecticide under the trademark "Gekiretsu Messhi (drastic perishing)."
    We developed and manufactured "Kirimetsu" and a new drug product, "BHC," in addition to Flat" and "Ribbon" fly catch paper. "Kamoi's Big Four Insecticides" were well received.
  • 1961 - 2003
    We established the Tomii factory and started production of paper adhesive tape.
    After that, we released a variety of tape utilizing Kamoi's adhesive technologies, including "craft adhesive tape" using craft paper as a base material, a long seller product "Kamoi's sealing tape," "heat resistive tape for painting" using crape paper as a base material, and "Kabuki," a new masking tape for automobiles.
  • 2008
    We created masking tape "mt," for stationery and chandlery.