mt masking tape

Enjoy drawing freely.
Anyone can be an artist.
Time to enjoy art in your day-to-day life.
A fateful encounter of mt and art created new masking tape which helps you to express yourself in your own way.
mt artist くれよん
mt artist Crayon「くれよん」ぬくもりある手描きタッチ

mt art tape crayon 15mm/9mm set

  • crayon red (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon blue (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon yellow (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon green (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon pink (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon light blue&gray (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon purple&yellow (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon orange&light green (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon rough green (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon rough red (15mm/9mm×7m)
mt artist Watercolor

mt art tape watercolors 15mm/9mm set

  • watercolor paint red(15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint blue(15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint yellow(15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint green(15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint pink(15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint splash yellow(15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint splash green(15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint waterpink(15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint waterblue(15mm/9mm×7m)
    water color paint rough orange(15mm/9mm×7m)
mt artist colorpencil

mt art tape colored pencils 15mm/9mm set

  • color pencil red(15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil blue(15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil yellow(15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil green(15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil pink(15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil whirling S(15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil whirling L(15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil plaid S(15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil plaid L(15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil gradation(15mm/9mm×7m)