mt masking tape

Each of them has a story. The new release of Christmas mt.
The Christmas cake that we long for every year.
Santa Claus who delivers presents.
Illuminations that we see when we got out on a day of frosty weather.
The new Christmas mt, which includes Christmas stories that makes us recall beautiful memories.

mt christmas 1P
(tape size/×7m)

  • bell (15mm×7m)
    christmas cake (20mm×7m)
    christmas card (25mm×7m)
    vintage christmas message (15mm×7m)
    black cat's christmas (15mm×7m)
    ornaments flyer (30mm×7m)
    blue ornament (20mm×7m)
    winter words (15mm×7m)
    christmas photo (25mm×7m)

mt Christmas set 2018
(7m×3P set・With a special mt sticker)

  • mt Christmas set 2018 A
  • mt Christmas set 2018 B
  • mt Christmas set 2018 C