mt masking tape

Japan's beautiful masking tape
which continues to be innovative
Enrapturing new tape has been added to the lineup
after incorporating originality and ingenuity into the designs.
These are reflected in delicate Japanese Washi paper
and secure excellent adhesiveness.
In order to color our day-to-day lives in wonderful
and enjoyable ways, mt, which has celebrated
its 11th anniversary, continues to evolve.
mt fab
mt fab
A new world of mt, pearl tape,
which changes its appearance depending on the direction
from which you view it.

Appealing mt has been created as beautiful patterns
covered with a pearl ink.
Depending on the angle of light,
pearly mt shines gracefully.
Please enjoy the unique taste of mt.

mt fab Pearl Tape

  • mt fab check purple(15mm×5m)
    mt fab sparkling circle(15mm×5m)
    mt fab water ripple(15mm×5m)
    mt fab hibiscus navy blue(15mm×5m)
    mt fab quilling flowers(15mm×5m)
    mt fab tile pastel(15mm×5m)

mt fab

1P・8P DECOシリーズ
Make your life happy with mt designed in a pop style.
A new lineup which colors your lifestyle in spring and summer.

As you change your fashion and image,
color your life with spring and summer versions of mt.
A debut of mt with charming designs.
You will be excited when you think of what to make.

deco series

  • border & circle orange(15mm×7m)
    border & circle blue(15mm×7m)
    block stripe orange(15mm×7m)
    block stripe green(15mm×7m)
    stone red(15mm×7m)
    stone blue(15mm×7m)


mt ex
mt ex
One tape can expand your imagination.
Tape for designing stories of the seasons.

From the scenery of spring in which animals
awaken from their slumber and play with dandelions
and horsetails and on to the scenery of summer festivals
in which yo-yos and tropical fruit can be seen.
There are plenty of exciting events.

mt ex

  • mt ex nemophila (15mm×7m)
    mt ex horsetail(15mm×7m)
    mt ex awake from hibernation(15mm×7m)
    mt ex YoYo balloon(15mm×7m)
    mt ex watermelon (15mm×7m)
    mt ex avocado (15mm×7m)
    mt ex pineapple(15mm×7m)

mt ex

mt ex

mt × artist series
mt × artist series
"Art must make its audience smile"
Erik Bruun,
a well-known Finnish artist.

A Finnish artist that is still a leader in the world of art.
The designs of popular "Saimaa-ringed-sea" posters
and others are not only beautiful,
but also naturally make people smile
with their playful sense of humor.

artist series

  • Erik Bruun face(15mm×7m)
    Erik Bruun bird(20mm×7m)
    Erik Bruun poster(35mm×7m)

Erik Bruun エリック・ブルーン mt

mt × artist series

A brand from Paris, PAPIER TIGRE,
colors the areas around your desk
and inside your house, and provides sceneries for stories.

A popular brand in Paris which designs,
produces and offers products and stationery mainly using paper.
Their unique interpretation of the world which integrates colors,
patterns, basic materials and newly developed skills.

artist series


PAPIER TIGRE パピエ ティグル mt

mt wrap
mt wrap
Exciting patterns and graphics are attractive! Debut of mt PAPIER TIGRE wrap.
that fascinates the world with playful senses of design,
is now available. This is a design that makes any wrapping cool.


  • mt wrap s PAPIER TIGRE L'AQUARIUS(155mm×5m)
  • mt wrap s PAPIER TIGRE LE MEMORY (155mm×5m)

mt wrap

Introduction of new colorful spring
and summer versions. Let's make mt wrap flowers in bloom.

An mt wrap series, which you have never seen before with colorful variations.
It's up to your own ideas to widen the variations of the wrapping.


  • mt wrap s color chart(155mm×5m)
  • mt wrap s color pencil dot(155mm×5m)
  • mt wrap s fruits tile tropical(155mm×5m)
  • mt wrap s stamp deco(155mm×5m)
  • mt wrap pattern patchwork(230mm×5m)
  • mt wrap wrinkled grid red (230mm×5m)
  • mt wrap various tapes (230mm×5m)