mt masking tape


mt factory tour vol.7

23/March/2018 5/April/2018

You can see the manufacturing processes of mt

◎A wide variety of mt tapes including "2018 mt factory tour limited tapes" are available for sale

Selling tapes by weight (1g=3.8 yen!)

Selling tapes by width (you can get tape with a wide range of widths)

You can create your own mt! (choose your favorite color and pattern from the templates)*domestic shipping only

You will have a chance to cut a log roll into pieces of mt! (The winners of lot only)

You can make your own mt can badges

mt work space (you can use as many tapes as you want to decorate)

Special presents to all participants

You can try variety of food from our local restaurants(e.g. famous udon restaurant "Furuichi")

Introduction of mt shops in Kurashiki that support this event

Installation by "TAPE THAT", the tape artist from Berlin

You can visit and see the KAMOI Museum and our warehouse designed by the architect TNA, and a collage for mt CASA

If you wish to take part in this tour, please visit our website from the URL below and fill out the application form.

Application opening hours 9/Feb/2018 10am 19/Mon/2018 10am (Japan Time)

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