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Joy of creation.
Joy of sharing.

To those around the world
who are refraining from going out
We would like you all to enjoy
the joy of creation with mt anytime and anywhere!
Based on this concept,
we will share ideas on how you can enjoy
using mt at home.
Share your work on social media to make people happy.
Through mt you can share happy times
with others anywhere,
regardless of location.

Lesson1 [hana (flower)]

Share your own "hana" on Instagram.

  • hana1
    Make your own flowers bloom.
  • hana2
    Make your own beverage coasters and brooches.

Artist's Special Lesson

Introduction of "hana" created by a variety of artists.

  • Lotus
    Carlo Galli
  • pop flowers
  • hana
    Noriko Misumi
  • Make your own flowers with mt wrap
    from larm


Enjoy making these patterns and procedures by PDF download.

  • Animal masks
    Making everybody smile
  • Dress-up dolls
    Be a fashion designer!
  • Flowers
    Make your own flowers bloom.


Kamoi is advertising for work using mt to be displayed at the site of "mt art at home."
We are looking forward to seeing many works.
For post, read the rules

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