mt masking tape

Rules of posting and the participation
in “mt project at home.”

  1. ◆ Posting Method
    (1) Read and agree to the Rules of Posting. Then, follow Kamoi’s official account “@mtmaskingtape.”
    (2) Upload your designs to Instagram with the hashtag, “#mtartathome.”
  2. ◆ Qualification Requirements
    Agreement to the following rules and disclosure of your Instagram user name and comments on the campaign site.
  3. ◆ Rules of Posting
    About Posting
    「Before posting your designs to the “mt Project at home,” be sure to read the following Rules of Posting carefully. Those posting are deemed to have agreed to the rules.
    Photographs posted with the hashtag “#mtartathome” may be used on the website, social media site, posters and/or displays at shops managed by Kamoi Kakoshi.
    Do no post any photographs for this project unless the photographers, photograph owners and photograph subjects, agree with the posting. Kamoi Kakoshi and the Project Office accept no liability or responsibility for photographs that infringe upon the publicity rights of any third party.
    Kamoi Kakoshi and the Project Office reserve the right to refuse any objections in relation to the Project.
    Any posted work that is not disclosed or does not have a hashtag will be null and void.
    If the posted work falls under the following categories, it will be null and void.

    Works including contents considered to be immoral or against public orders.
    Works that have nothing to do with the Project. Works deemed to be inappropriate or not meeting the purpose of the Project.
    Works that risk infringing upon the rights of specific characters and talents.
    Works that defame individuals, companies, entities and organizations or infringe upon the privacy of others.
    Works that infringe upon copyrights or the portrait rights of others.
    Spoofing by using names of others or organizations to whom the posters do not belong.
    Any other work that Kamoi Kakoshi and the Project Office deem not meeting the purpose of the Project.
    The right of being declared the winner cannot be transferred or sold.
    Other precautions
    This Project is not related to Instagram Inc.
    When using Instagram, be sure to follow the rules, in addition to the Rules of Posting, as stipulated by Instagram Inc. Kamoi Kakoshi and the Project Office shall not be responsible for any trouble arising from an applicants’ Instagram or other social media message postings.
    This Project uses Instagram. Kamoi Kakoshi and the Project Office shall not be liable for any losses or costs arising from the suspension, termination or changes in project operations resulting from Instagram or the hardware environment of applicants’ applications.
    Costs and expenses necessary for Internet connections and packet communication fees for posting shall be borne by the applicant.
    Posting may not be completed for reasons such as smartphone, usage patterns, communication environment, etc.
    In general, the Project Office is unable to answer applicants’ questions on how to operate Instagram or questions about smart phone settings.
    This Project may be changed or discontinued without prior notice. Please be aware of this.
    About personal information
    Personal information provided will only be used for office procedures of this Project.