mt masking tape

mt nazorie
Use it in your room, shops and offices to turn them into art galleries.
mt nazorie is a tool for everyone to easily enjoy mt art.
Set your favorite motif film to the mt nazorie and project the image on the wall.
Then, adhere your favorite mt tape to trace the image.
Enjoy mt nazorie to fit to your mood and the season.



How to use mt nazorie

How to use mt nazorie

1.Cut the sheet along the dotted line to make 12 film stripes.
2.Insert the film stripes into the film holder of mt nazorie main unit.
3.Turn on the light and set the cover. 
4.Trace the projected image with your favorite mt tape.

mt nazorie Starter Set(with a dedicated film)

mt nazorie Starter Set

mt nazorie a dedicated film

mt nazorie gift set(12 types of dedicated films)

mt nazorie gift set

mt nazorie gift set(6 types of mt tape attached)

  • shocking pink(6mm)
    matte black(6mm)
    shocking green(10mm)
    matte white(10mm)
    matte black(10mm)