mt masking tape

Just adhere mt with dedicated
10 mm wide tape to make sticky notes.

Set 15 mm wide mt together
with the dedicated tape and stick them together.
Here is an mt sticky note
with a 5 mm wide sticky part.

Bookmarks, indexes and memos
Your ideas will expand the range of use.

You can write letters on monotone notes
and then choose your favorite colors and patterns.
You can make sticky notes,
memos and indexes any length you desire.

Front and back.
You can create your own ribbons
with mt in different colors and patterns.

Set two types of mt in the kit and stick them together,
and you can make your own ribbons with a different color
and pattern on each side Wrapping can become wonderful with this.

Cut two mts.
This can also be used as a convenient
mt cutter.

Since this can also be used as a regular cutter,
it can be used for many different purposes.

Characteristics of mt tape cutter twins

Since there is a dedicated 10 mm wide tape inside, it is very easy for anyone to make sticky notes.

Basic usage of mt tape cutter twins

For bookmarks, indexes and sticky memos
It is a very convenient tape cutter with which you can make pretty Washi ribbons