mt masking tape


Christmas, enjoying creation.
The night when we want to go home quickly.
This Christmas season, don't you
want to enjoy "creation" with your precious family and friends?
Decorate a Christmas tree and tables with mt.
Then, you will be ready for a happy Christmas.
Spending such a special time would surely be the best Christmas present for you.

mt Christmas 1P(size/15.20.25×7m)

  • MTCMAS103Z sugar confectionery Santa(15mm×7m)
    MTCMAS104Z winter animals(20mm×7m)
    MTCMAS105Z fleuron(25mm×7m)
    MTCMAS106Z watercolor christmas(15mm×7m)
    MTCMAS107Z house in the forest(20mm×7m)
    MTCMAS108Z letter from Santa Claus(25mm×7m)
    MTCMAS109Z christmas stripe(15mm×7m)
    MTCMAS110Z Santa Claus stamp(20mm×7m)
    MTCMAS111Z christmas star(25mm×7m)

mt Christmas Set 2019 (7m×3P set・With a special mt sticker)

  • MTCMAS100
    mt Christmas Set 2019 A

    With a special mt sticker
  • MTCMAS101
    mt Christmas Set 2019 B

    With a special mt sticker
  • MTCMAS102
    mt Christmas Set 2019 C

    With a special mt sticker
Let's make
a Christmas-themed
mt wrapping tag!
It's OK to tear it, paste it and remove it!
With mt, anyone can enjoy easily
creating original things in your own way.

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