mt masking tape


mt with LIFE
mt is a tool for bringing more color to your life and heart.
In addition to the excellent functionality
allowing you to apply the tape and to remove it,
mt continues to evolve beyond the times
in order to stay close to your life and daily to create fun
and happiness with a lineup of beautiful colors and designs.
We will also offer you an exciting collection this spring again.

NEW COLLCTION LINEUP mt x SOU・SOU mt fab mt x artist series 1P deco series mt ex mt pocket

mt x SOU・SOU
Wagara Asobi
Play with beautiful
Japanese designs
Kyoto textile brand "SOU·SOU"
The design that vividly expresses Japan's
four seasons and atmosphere,
based on the concept of
"creating a new Japanese culture"
stimulates your sensitivity
and makes everyday life exciting.
mt x sou・sou



A Kyoto brand that makes textile designs that vividly express Japan's four seasons and atmosphere. Expands craftsmanship that is close to the modern lifestyle while actively using traditional materials and techniques, based on the concept of "creating a new Japanese culture". They manufacture and sell a wide variety of items such as jikatabi, traditional Japanese clothing, Japanese confectionery and furniture and the like. They have widened their possibilities for textile design in Japan through a collaboration with companies in various fields. Established in 2002 by Katsuji Wakisaka (textile designer), Hisanobu Tsujimura (architect), and Takeshi Wakabayashi (producer).

  • SOU・SOU SO-SU-U( 7mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU SO-SU-U(7mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU Hanaichimatsu( 7mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU Hanaichimatsu(7mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU arare ni kamon(7mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU arare ni kamon(7mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU enoguzara( 7mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU enoguzara(7mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU kitanokuni( 7mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU kitanokuni(7mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU iro ha nihoedo ( 15mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU iro ha nihoedo (15mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU hanazono( 15mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU hanazono(15mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU hohoemi( 15mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU hohoemi(15mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU kiku zukushi( 15mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU kiku zukushi(15mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU zou( 15mm×7m)
    SOU・SOU zou(15mm×7m)
mt x SOU・SOU
mt x SOU・SOU
mt fab
mt fab
The happiness of feeling
the seasonal light
Hot Stamped Tape
The "fab series" that combines the two
meanings of "fabricating" and "fabulous".
The beautiful hot stamped tape
can decorate your windows
and bring enjoyment from the sun's angle,
changing color with the light,
and shining brightly.

mt fab

  • mt fab floral line( 7mm×3m)
    mt fab floral line(7mm×3m)
    mt fab ring (7mm×3m)
    mt fab ring(7mm×3m)
    mt fab wave( 7mm×3m)
    mt fab wave(7mm×3m)
    mt fab cascade stripe(7mm×3m)
    mt fab cascade stripe(7mm×3m)
    mt fab grid(7mm×3m)
    mt fab grid(7mm×3m)
mt fab
mt fab
mt x artist series
Make every day exciting
with designs
This is new from the design studio,
Kapitza, of the British sisters
Nicole and Petra.
The beautiful designs brighten
your everyday life as only they
who have produced so much art
over the years can do.
mt x artist series Kapitza

artist series

Kapitza カピッツァ

Kapitza is the creative studio of sisters Petra and Nicole Kapitza, who share a passion for colour, patterns, mathematics and nature. The studio is collaborating with a wide range of international brands across the worlds of fashion, interiors, cosmetics, product design and publishing. Their clients include Comme des Garcons, Gucci, Clinique, USPS, TeNeues and IKEA. Kapitza have gained a global following for their innovative pattern art books which showcase their bold, colourful artworks. These artworks are the result of the studio's ongoing experimental research into geometric shapes and mathematic formulas as well as organic structures found in nature and mark making. Together with their intelligent conceptual colour language this defines the unique style of Kapitza's art.The publication of Kapitza's Geometric book in 2008 sparked a resurgence of geometric art in fashion, interiors and illustration, but the intelligence of their patterns and unique use of colour is unsurpassed.

  • Kapitza Polka Dot Vivid( 15mm×7m)
    Kapitza Polka Dot Vivid(15mm×7m)
    Kapitza Polka Dot Ice( 15mm×7m)
    Kapitza Polka Dot Ice(15mm×7m)
    Kapitza Candy Stripe( 15mm×7m)
    Kapitza Candy Stripe(15mm×7m)
mt x artist series Kapitza カピッツァ
mt x artist series Kapitza カピッツァ
1P deco series
1P deco series
Every day
becomes a special day
Make rainy days into your own type of
special day using the "DECO Series"
that offer lively colors
and a pleasant rhythm.
Use your own ingenuity
for your life and have fun
and special enjoyment.
mt offers you abundance
for your everyday life.

1P deco series

  • pop dot yellow( 15mm×7m)
    pop dot yellow(15mm×7m)
    pop dot blue(15mm×7m)
    pop dot blue(15mm×7m)
    mesh yellow (15mm×7m)
    mesh yellow(15mm×7m)
    mesh green( 15mm×7m)
    mesh green(15mm×7m)
    polygon gradation vivid(15mm×7m)
    polygon gradation vivid(15mm×7m)
    polygon gradation deep( 15mm×7m)
    polygon gradation deep(15mm×7m)
1P deco series
1P deco series
mt ex
A beautiful summer memory Every year, our "ex series"
expands to suit the seasons
and themes and makes you
want spontaneously to expand
your collection.
Put down your summer memories
in a journal to complete
the art of your own life.
mt ex

mt ex

  • mt ex morning glory line( 7mm×7m)
    mt ex morning glory line(7mm×7m)
    mt ex snap pea( 7mm×7m)
    mt ex snap pea(7mm×7m)
    mt ex cloud( 7mm×7m)
    mt ex cloud(7mm×7m)
    mt ex colorful jar( 15mm×7m)
    mt ex colorful jar(15mm×7m)
    mt ex colorful bird( 15mm×7m)
    mt ex colorful bird(15mm×7m)
    mt ex space infographic( 15mm×7m)
    mt ex space infographic(15mm×7m)
mt ex
artist series
mt pocket
mt pocket
SOU · SOU × mt pocket
Fill your little pockets
with happiness.
The popular "SOU · SOU"
with pop patterns has become mt pocket.
Simply apply the tape to notebooks or
appointment organizers to transform
the tape into convenient and cute pockets.
What ideas do you have for them?

mt pocket

  • mt pocket arare ni kamon(50mm/75mm/115mm×5m)
    mt pocket SOU・SOU
    arare ni kamon
    mt pocket iro ha nihoedo(50mm/75mm/115mm×5m)
    mt pocket SOU・SOU
    iro ha nihoedo
    mt pocket hanazono(50mm/75mm/115mm×5m)
    mt pocket SOU・SOU
mt pocket
mt pocket