mt masking tape


The world of images created by mt is more than the simple pasting
and removing of tape. We have named this "LIFE ART."
We want you all to have mt around you as a tool to experience the joy of
creation and satisfy your true feelings,
including spending more time creating,
making your life a little richer and making others happy.
In the digital age we now live in, we are pleased to offer the new 7-series products
making you feel the joy of creation, which is a rather analogue activity.


Stylish and delicate art portrayed by tape that is only 6mm wide In addition to our popular slim series range, pop and colorful patterns now make their debut.
This is convenient to use when making accessories combined with ribbons and strings as well as lines in diaries.
mt slim deco

mt slim deco G

  • mt slim deco G tsugihagiH( 6mm×10m)
    mt slim deco G tsugihagi H(6mm×10m)
    mt slim deco G tsugihagi blue × pink( 6mm×10m)
    mt slim deco G tsugihagi blue × pink(6mm×10m)
    mt slim deco G tsugihagi blue × orange( 6mm×10m)
    mt slim deco G tsugihagi blue × orange(6mm×10m)
mt slim deco
mt fab
mt fab
Wide die-cut tape is now available
It can be cut out and used as a sticker.
A wide variety of die-cut tapes with distinctive illustrations are included in the product lineup.
The tape can be adhered as an accent to wrapping.
We recommend cutting out the patterns to use as stickers.

mt fab φ30mm paper core

  • mt fab blurred water color paint(45mm×3m)
    mt fab blurred water color paint(45mm×3m)
    mt fab stamps (45mm×3m)
    mt fab stamps(45mm×3m)
    mt fab tapes (45mm×3m)
    mt fab tapes(45mm×3m)
    mt fab letters (45mm×3m)
    mt fab letters(45mm×3m)
    mt fab retro paper butterfly( 45mm×3m)
    mt fab retro paper butterfly(45mm×3m)
    mt fab flower and vine(45mm×3m)
    mt fab flower and vine(45mm×3m)
    mt fab flower and pearl ( 45mm×3m)
    mt fab flower and pearl(45mm×3m)
    mt fab animal( 45mm×3m)
    mt fab animal(45mm×3m)
mt fab
It is good as a Japanese souvenir.
A gift box with Japanese-style motifs.
You can have a nice chat about mt motifs, including yukata, Kamon (family crest), the tea ceremony and Japanese-style garden.
Beautiful Japanese masking tape made from Washi paper is a nice gift for your friends from foreign countries.

mt gift box Japan Edition

  • yukata( 15mm×10m)
    family crest( 20mm×10m)
    family crest(20mm×10m)
    tea ceremony( 20mm×10m)
    tea ceremony(20mm×10m)
    dry landscape garden(20mm×10m)
    dry landscape garden(20mm×10m)
mt fab
New pastel color patterns are included in our standard
"WAMON" series.
WAMON is a popular standard series of mt featuring traditional Japanese patterns.
Colorful pastel mt is suitable for gifts and for decorating letters in spring time.
Please enjoy a new taste of harmony while making articles by yourself.

wamon 5

  • asanoha shuaka( 15mm×10m)
    asanoha shuaka(15mm×10m)
    asanoha sinchu( 15mm×10m)
    asanoha sinchu(15mm×10m)
    nejiriume shu( 15mm×10m)
    nejiriume shu(15mm×10m)
    nejiriume namari( 15mm×10m)
    nejiriume namari(15mm×10m)
    samekomon outou( 15mm×10m)
    samekomon outou(15mm×10m)
    samekomon asaginezu (15mm×10m)
    samekomon asaginezu(15mm×10m)
artist series
The world of Bluebellgray with which you can enjoy the feelings of water painting. A popular artist who draws gentle watercolor painted flower motifs on fabric and wallpaper.
Sophisticated and colorful designs are popular among people around the world.
We hope you will feel the beautiful impact of mt while holding it.
artist series

artist series

bluebellgray ブルーベルグレイ

Bluebellgray was established in 2009 by the Scottish artist, Fi Douglas. It is a life-style brand that has received many awards since its establishment. Bluebellgray suggests the use of colorful utensils, from fabrics to wall paper. In her studio in Scotland, Fi hand-draws floral patterns and abstract paintings that represent the brand. These affectionately made mirthful patterns will surely make your life colorful.

  • bluebellgray Pedro( 24mm×7m)
    bluebellgray Pedro(24mm×7m)
    bluebellgray Zinnia( 24mm×7m)
    bluebellgray Zinnia(24mm×7m)
artist series
1P DECOseries
1P DECOseries
Let's make flowers using DECO to decorate your life New spring DECO series products are cute and like a field of flowers.
They will make you happy when picking them up.
It's so excited to decide what to make.
Find your favorite ones to match your feelings!

deco series

  • samekomon outou( 15mm×10m)
    samekomon outou(15mm×10m)
  • samekomon asaginezu( 15mm×10m)
    samekomon asaginezu(15mm×10m)
  • argyle pink( 15mm×7m)
    argyle pink(15mm×7m)
  • tsugihagi blue × pink( 15mm×7m)
    tsugihagi blue × pink(15mm×7m)
  • tsugihagi blue × orange( 15mm×7m)
    tsugihagi blue × orange(15mm×7m)
  • diagonal purple( 15mm×7m)
    diagonal purple(15mm×7m)
  • diagonal green( 15mm×7m)
    diagonal green(15mm×7m)
  • ladder dot blue( 15mm×7m)
    ladder dot blue(15mm×7m)
  • ladder dot yellow( 15mm×7m)
    ladder dot yellow(15mm×7m)
  • motion pink( 15mm×7m)
    motion pink(15mm×7m)
  • motion blue( 15mm×7m)
    motion blue(15mm×7m)
  • checkers stripe pink( 15mm×7m)
    checkers stripe pink(15mm×7m)
  • checkers stripe blue( 15mm×7m)
    checkers stripe blue(15mm×7m)
  • half circle pink blue( 15mm×7m)
    half circle pink blue(15mm×7m)
  • half circle yellow green( 15mm×7m)
    half circle yellow green(15mm×7m)
  • separate check monochrome( 15mm×7m)
    separate check monochrome(15mm×7m)
  • separate check dull tone( 15mm×7m)
    separate check dull tone(15mm×7m)
  • fluorescent gradation pink × green( 15mm×7m)
    fluorescent gradation pink × green(15mm×7m)
  • fluorescent gradation blue × yellow( 15mm×7m)
    fluorescent gradation blue × yellow(15mm×7m)
1P deco series
Your life will be rich simply
by pasting mt.
New spring version colorful
and pop mt.
New ex-series is also full of a spring taste.
Slim and useful 7 mm type mt. Its designs, including cute animals, fruits and flowers,
will always bring happiness to your life.

mt ex

  • mt ex pink flower stripe(7mm×7m)
    mt ex pink flower stripe(7mm×7m)
    mt ex flower line(7mm×7m)
    mt ex flower line(7mm×7m)
    mt ex fish line( 7mm×7m)
    mt ex fish line(7mm×7m)
    mt ex drops line( 7mm×7m)
    mt ex drops line(7mm×7m)
    mt ex spring pattern(15mm×7m)
    mt ex spring pattern(15mm×7m)
    mt ex citrus(15mm×7m)
    mt ex citrus(15mm×7m)
    mt ex geometric animals(15mm×7m)
    mt ex geometric animals(15mm×7m)
    mt ex orange juice(15mm×7m)
    mt ex orange juice(15mm×7m)