mt masking tape

10th year new line-up released
Thanks to the support of our customers, we welcome our 10th anniversary of mt this year. We've continued to push boundaries through collaborations with many artists, and the adoption of a variety of adhesive and printing technologies. And as our users have increased, so has the world of mt. More than ever, forever, by your side. mt will continue to deliver the fun of creating with tape.

Changes with the angle of view.
Captivating colors
With a different print on front and back, the different faces of "double side printed tape" can be enjoyed from opposite sides when stuck to glass. "fluorescent tape" in an abundance of colors is also newly released.
mt fab

mt fab double side printed tape

  • dot×stripe (15mm×5m)
    block (15mm×5m)
    plaid (15mm×5m)

mt fab 使用例

mt fab fluorescent tape

  • fluorescent pink (15mm×5m)
    fluorescent red (15mm×5m)
    fluorescent orange (15mm×5m)
    fluorescent yellow (15mm×5m)
    fluorescent green (15mm×5m)
    fluorescent cyan (15mm×5m)
    fluorescent purple (15mm×5m)

Wrap anything easily and beautifully with mt wrap
Wrapping paper with adhesive.
Loved since its first release, the packaging of mt wrap has been redesigned with attractive new pricing.With new tape designs also released, there are even more options to enjoy wrapping.
mt fab

wrap(230mm×5m)・S size(155mm×5m)

  • mt wrap s wrinkled grid
    mt wrap s sakura
    mt wrap s color face
    mt wrap origami
    mt wrap navy tile
    mt wrap sheep

A beautiful textile design, with the hope of bringing color to the everyday. Loved all over the world, the beautiful natural motifs of William Morris In addition to the much-loved wide tape, we've introduced a thin, ribbon tape.
mt mina

artist series (William Morris) EU only

  • Rambler (20mm×10m)
    Lily Border (20mm×10m)
    Diaper (20mm×10m)
mt ex

The exciting design world of ex
bringing emotion to the smallest of canvases,
"sunflower" has been added to the popular range of flower motifs. Furthermore, there's now "origami" with a sense for Japanese beauty. Stirring your creative desires, "branch" rounds out the line in these not-to-miss design

mt ex

  • sunflower (15mm×10m)
    origami (15mm×10m)
    branch (15mm×10m)
    postage stamp (25mm×10m)
    message card (30mm×10m)
    beads label (30mm×10m)
    family crest (20mm×10m)
    tea ceremony (20mm×10m)
    dry landscape garden (20mm×10m)

mt fab 使用例

We've newly released designs in our long-selling line of Japanese traditional designs. A fourth collection has been added to the popular-since-first-release WAMON. Enjoy the modern Japanese design in elegant light colors.
mt wamon

1P DECO series / WAMON wamon4(6 rolls contained in a pack)

  • kumikikkou bengala (15mm×10m)
    kumikikkou rokushou (15mm×10m)
    mujinagiku sumire (15mm×10m)
    mujinagiku hiwa (15mm×10m)
    yukiwa wasurenagusa (15mm×10m)
    yukiwa midorinezu (15mm×10m)

Create a Japanese souvenir unique to you with just a quick stick. Also continuously loved for many years, the "okokoro" series has been refreshed. Why not make someone smile with some characteristically Japanese phrases and a playful heart.


  • mt okokoro tape 2 (13mm×10m)
    mt okokoro tape 3 (18mm×10m)

mt okokoro 使用例

mt for pack
Designer packaging tape with a strong adhesive for extra grip. A tape to be used in place of craft tape for sealing cardboard boxes, envelopes etc. Enjoy packing with an abundance of designs and the reassurance of a firm bond.
mt for pack

mt for PACK

  • frame (45mm×15m)
    mt design (45mm×15m)
    vintage map (45mm×15m)
    flower lace (25mm×15m)
    flower bud (25mm×15m)
    care tag (25mm×15m)