mt masking tape


Design and twinkling in your palm
Here are new items which will fascinate you in the autumn and winter seasons when you experience many parties and exchange presents.
Glittering foil stamped tape that catches and reflects light.
"SDL (Stockholm Design Lab)" which has recently joined mt's artist series.
We will deliver design and twinkling to you in your daily life.

*Delivery of these products will start from Sept. 3rd, 2018 AW NEW ITEM.

1P deco series
Pop checks and polka dots.
Japanese patterns whose classic color combinations look modern.
Pop checks and polka dots which make us happy when picking them up.
Debut of a beautiful modern series of delicate Japanese patterns with classic color combinations.
mt deco

1P deco series

  • kurenaigiku (15mm×10m)
    natsukusa (15mm×10m)
    check light pink (15mm×10m)
    check light blue (15mm×10m)
    negapoji dot pink (15mm×10m)
    negapoji dot blue (15mm×10m)
    asanoha konruri (15mm×10m)
    asanoha karekusa (15mm×10m)
    asanoha araishu (15mm×10m)
    nejiriume shu (15mm×10m)
    nejiriume namari (15mm×10m)
    nejiriume akadaidai (15mm×10m)
    hanabishi kakishibu (15mm×10m)
    hanabishi tanpopo (15mm×10m)
    hanabishi entan (15mm×10m)
    mujinagiku kuro (15mm×10m)
    mujinagiku soho (15mm×10m)
    mujinagiku usuhana (15mm×10m)
Here appears SDL, a group of world famous designers. Stockholm Design Lab, a group of leading Swedish designers who's clientele include international companies in various fields, including Scandinavian Airlines, has joined us.
mt artist series

artist series

Stockholm Design Lab ストックホルムデザインラボ
Stockholm Design Lab

The multidisciplinary studio is one of Europes most highly respected design companies. Founded in 1998 Stockholm Design Lab transforms brands and businesses with simple remarkable ideas.SDL works internationally and domestically with a wide variety of clients; from airlines, spirits brands, museums, fashion labels, hotel chains, fast moving consumer goods to retail environments, technology companies, cultural and educational institutions, and pharmacies .Their work is represented in the design collection of the National Museum of Art, Stockholm exhibited in Tokyo,Berlin, Moscow, London, New York, Zacatecas, Helsinki, Köln and Stockholm.This year SDL is celebrating their 20 year anniversary with 4 unique remixdesign for MT.

  • Making Worlds (15mm×10m)
    Making Worlds (15mm×10m)Design by Stockholm Design Lab
    Grattis (24mm×10m)
    Grattis (24mm×10m)Design by Stockholm Design Lab
    Remixed shapes (24mm×10m)
    Remixed shapes (24mm×10m)Design by Stockholm Design Lab
    Human Being (24mm×10m)
    Human Being (24mm×10m)Design by Stockholm Design Lab illustration by Kari Moden
mt artist series
A new design of Kapitza which has been winning popularity since its release was completed. Kapitza, a popular design unit comprised of two sisters, Nicole and Petra, from Germany.
Please enjoy stylish designs in which you will find beautiful colors, patterns, twinkling and surprises.

artist series

  • Multistripe (15mm×10m)
    Multistripe (15mm×10m)
    Symbols (15mm×10m)
    Symbols (15mm×10m)
mt fab
mt fab
Changing expressions while being wrapped in light
New textures that mt will deliver to you.
New faces which not only add color and design but also light to your life.
Draw a world for yourself, which differs from what you have seen in the past, to match your feelings.

mt fab Foil stamping Tape φ25mm paper tube

  • mt fab piece silver (15mm×3m)
    mt fab piece silver (15mm×3m)
    mt fab piece gold (15mm×3m)
    mt fab piece gold (15mm×3m)
    mt fab gold dust (15mm×3m)
    mt fab gold dust (15mm×3m)
    mt fab green dust (15mm×3m)
    mt fab green dust (15mm×3m)
    mt fab purple dust (15mm×3m)
    mt fab purple dust (15mm×3m)
Encapsulating natural images, cute animals and happy feelings for celebration. Animals which heal us with their innocent faces.
Cute fruit motifs, toasts and messages suitable for spring, seven herbs and presents.
New products of mt ex filled with happiness.
mt ex

mt ex

  • aroma (15mm×10m)
    picnic (15mm×10m)
    pansy (15mm×10m)
    morning glory (15mm×10m)
    shaved ice (18mm×10m)
    encyclopedia chocolate (30mm×10m)
    seven herbs of spring (15mm×10m)
    seven herbs of spring (15mm×10m)
    apple pattern (15mm×10m)
    apple pattern (15mm×10m)
    strawberry (15mm×10m)
    strawberry (15mm×10m)
    cheeky little llama (15mm×10m)
    cheeky little llama (15mm×10m)
    ermine in snow (15mm×10m)
    ermine in snow (15mm×10m)
    cheers (15mm×10m)
    cheers (15mm×10m)
    message (15mm×10m)
    message (15mm×10m)
mt art tape
Debut of "mt Art Tape," a new feeling art material that will turn you into an artist. Masking tape used to express the real texture of crayons, paint and color pencils.
You can create art easily using mt.
mt art tape

mt art tape crayon 15mm/9mm set

  • crayon red (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon blue (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon yellow (15mm/9m×7mm)
    crayon green (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon pink (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon light blue & gray (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon purple & yellow (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon orange & light green (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon rough green (15mm/9mm×7m)
    crayon rough red (15mm/9mm×7m)

mt art tape watercolors 15mm/9mm set

  • watercolor paint red (15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint blue (15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint yellow (15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint green (15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint pink (15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint splash yellow (15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint splash green (15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint waterpink (15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint waterblue (15mm/9mm×7m)
    watercolor paint rough orange (15mm/9mm×7m)

mt art tape colored pencils 15mm/9mm set

  • color pencil red (15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil blue (15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil yellow (15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil green (15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil pink (15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil whirling S (15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil whirling L (15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil plaid S (15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil plaid L (15mm/9mm×7m)
    color pencil gradation (15mm/9mm×7m)
mt wrap
mt wrap
Make your presents even nicer.
Noshi wrapping paper that you can use easily by pasting it anywhere.
It will make both the giver and recipient of the present happy.
mt wrap just suitable for presents.
You can use mt wrap with traditional designs of Japanese Noshi culture to make presents more fancy. Both the giver and recipient will be happier with it.

mt wrap s noshi

  • mt wrap s noshi kazari(155mm×5m)
    mt wrap s noshi kikko(155mm×5m)
    mt wrap s noshi uroko(155mm×5m)
    mt wrap s noshi goshiki (155mm×5m)