mt masking tape

Let's prepare for Halloween to make everyone smile!
What kinds of costumes will be suitable this year?
This kind of wrapping could surprise children!
Why don't you join us in making only one Halloween decoration using mt to make everyone happy?
Limited editions! Here is the lineup of colorful mts specially designed for this year.

mt Halloween 1P

  • Halloween・letter (10mm)
    Halloween・Plaid (15mm)
    Jack-o'-Lantern (15mm)
    Halloween・labe l(18mm)
    book of Halloween (23mm)
mt halloween
Download paper templates for mt's original Halloween mobiles You can either print the templates on a heavy paper, or copy it on tracing paper. Make your own patterns.
You can enjoy these Halloween mobiles by sticking mts on the mobiles before cutting them into different shapes you like.