mt masking tape

Let's make a beautiful Christmas story together with mt!
It has a classic, nostalgic motif.
There are exciting designs that will make both children and adults smile.
It's another mts creation, a Christmas version which is filled with bright colors and exciting shapes.
Hold the small tape on your palm and twinkling stories will spread out from the tape.
What kind of stories do you want to create?

mt christmas 1P (tape size/×7m)

  • top star(10mm)
    christmas news(20mm)
    christmas ribbon(30mm)
    christmas of forest(20mm)
    line drawing(15mm)
    stitch story(20mm)

mt christmas set 2017(7m×3Pset・original seal)

Original mt
Download the Christmas patterns.

Make your own shapes by printing the patterns on heavy paper.
Or, you can use tracing paper to copy the shapes.
You can cut the paper after pasting mts.
You can also paste mts after cutting out the patterns.
Enjoy your Christmas motif by posting the patterns on the wall like a Christmas tree or by making mobiles.