mt masking tape


Freely enjoy DIY with mt CASA you can stick and remove!

Today, when most of us are spending a lot more time at home,
why not more easily arrange your space with mt CASA
to be more like your personality
to make your days brighter and more colorful?
We're excited to deliver the new REMAKE SHEET lineup for 2022
which includes new designs by captivating artists.

mt CASA 8 stories Drawn with 8 Worlds Life with REMAKE SHEET

『STORY1』My favorite [Morris&Co.]

William Morris's masterpiece "Bird and Pomegranate" depicts red and ripe pomegranates and birds fluttering about.
You can stick this classic motif on your wall as a wallpaper and add a cabinet to make a display you love.


A full-blown map motif from Teikoku-Shoin
including nostalgic maps and picture books.
Arrange your old pictures
and enjoy a moment indulging in travel memories.

『STORY3』Tea Time [Olle Eksell]

A motif from designer Olle Eksell
who continues to be beloved in northern Europe.
Handmade vases and candles made with
original patterns that arouse a playful spirit.
And the tables you use every day go through extraordinary changes.

『STORY4』Morning Kitchen [Polly Ferm]

The world depicted by Polly Fern the British ceramic artist and illustrator.
Her designs overflowing with thrills
and nostalgia are a perfect match
for your kitchen space.
They give you energy and healing during morning moments.

『STORY5』Garden Party[bluebellgray]

Gentle watercolor paintings with plant motifs.
Peaceful fabric designs drawn by Bluebellgray.
Stick them on simple furniture or small items
and time flows pleasantly in your room
as if you were in a garden.

『STORY6』With Art[Ichiro Yamaguchi]

The flowers and birds drawn by noteworthy painter Ichiro Yamaguchi overflow with character.
Stick them on walls and lampshades to create unique rhythms in your room.
Just sticking them in your room can completely change it.

『STORY7』Picnic holiday[LisaLarson]

Spend a leisurely Holiday with Lisa Larson's delightful friends.
You can fully enjoy a party mood
while eating breakfast and snacks
by sticking these on colorful trays.

『STORY8』Feel the season[SOU・SOU]

Japan's four seasons and elegance are expressed in a pop style by Kyoto textile brand "SOU · SOU". With the concept "Creating new Japanese culture" and using refined colors unique to Japanese artists, these patterns gorgeously render your lifestyle.

mt CASA FLEECE Fleece material that applies easily to a wide range of surfaces such as walls and the like, and does not easily wrinkle

Find out how to use mt CASA in these movies!

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  • mt CASA fleece
  • mt CASA sheet
  • mt CASA seal
  • mt CASA shade

Please note that while mt CASA goes through rigorous quality control during the manufacturing process, there still may be some disparities and color differences depending on the batch.