mt masking tape

A mug cup for everyday use and a ballpoint pen which provides an excellent feeling of use. Items which blend in with our daily lives will always stay with you.
So, can't go without...
Kamoi delivers mt, the masking tape, in new spring patterns and colors that will enrapture you.

You can't help smiling!
You will surely enjoy the relaxing atmosphere these cute animal and flower patterns crate in your daily life.
Patterns from Northern Europe featuring gentle natural motifs, such as animals and plants. You can see a lineup of colorful new tape designed by popular artists putting a spring in your step.
mt nordic

artist series

Lisa Larson

She was born in Harlunda in Smaland region of Sweden in 1931. She entered The Gothenburg Ceramic Art School in 1949 when she was 18, she studied ceramic art there. In 1954, her graduation work at HDK School for Design and Crafts in Gothenburg was discovered by Stig Lindberg, which gave her the opportunity to work at Gustavsberg where Stig was working as the director of art. She played an important role in the start of the golden age of ceramic work in Sweden. In 1979, she left Gustavsberg where she had stayed and worked as a main designer together with Stig Lindberg and Karin Bjorquist for 25 years. During her time at Gustavsberg, she created over 300 works of art. After leaving Gustavsberg, in 1980 she started to work actively on a freelance basis, working for HAvgands,DUKA and jceramic. In 1992, she returned to Gustavsberg and opened her own ceramic studio. The number of collectors is increasing rapidly not only in Sweden but round the world. She has held exhibitions in many places around the world. She still continues her life as a creator. Lisa Larson is now an older lady who is always thinking about what is the "cutest" in the world. She is a ceramic artist representing Sweden and together with her husband, who is a painter, she lives as a ceramic artist in a forest a little far from the city center.

  • Retrobirds (15mm)
    Baby Mikey (15mm)
    Sketch face (15mm)
    Five cats (20mm)
    Succulent (20mm)
Bengt & Lotta

A designer and illustrator. This is a life-style brand established in 1990 by the couple, Mr. Bengt Lindberg and Ms. Lotta Glave from Konstfack, the national University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. They have been engaged in the design of trays, candlesticks and jewelry. Bengt is a very humorous person and creates designs which give us image of love for living creatures. Lotta creates designs that give us warm feelings as her personality is warm and cordial, making people who encounter her work smile. In 1993, they started to provide KLIPPAN, a well-established Swedish shop, with textile designs. They were engaged in KLIPPAN'S business as the main designers until 1994. From 1992 to 2001, they provided ORDNING & REDA with designs for stationery goods. From1995 to 2000, they engaged in the creation of glass products of Bergdala and Skruf. In 2005, they provided Boda Nova with Christmas glass ware. In 2008, they collaborated with E.OCT to establish B&L Design and released the "Zoo" series of products in Japan in collaboration with the American tableware company, ZAK! Design. In 2012, Bengt & Lotta designed the packages for organic food for Vilmas.

  • alma・pink (15mm)
    alma・blue (15mm)

Almedahls has been one of the most traditional textile manufactures in Sweden since 1846. In no less than the 170 years of its history, Almedahls has created various textile styles from classical styles to completely novel styles, loved by many people, including the general public and the royal family, in many situations. Over many years its products have continued to be loved not only by people in Sweden and northern Europe but also people around the world. Currently, Almedahls is developing a collection which is a revival of styles that were designed mainly from the 1950s to the 1970s. These styles include some created by external designers especially for Almedahls as well as those created by Almedahls in-house designers. Olle Eksell, a giant in the world of Swedish design,Marianne Westman and Astrid Sampe, are just a few of these external designers and this collection is now extremely popular.

  • bird song (15mm)
    high summer (22mm)
mt wrap

Add a spark of fun to presents for others and your everyday life!
We've added new Northern European patterns to our highly versatile range of mt WRAP.

wrap standard(230mm×5m)・short(155mm×5m)

  • mt wrap Lisa Larson Retrobirds
    mt wrap Lisa Larson Five cats
    mt wrap Lisa Larson Succulent
    mt wrap BENGT & LOTTA alma・blue
    mt wrap Almedals bird song

A uniquely peaceful view of the world captivates everybody who sees this tape.
A new design of mina perhonen finally make its debut.
The design of mina perhonen is very unique as he draws patterns and creates textiles including fabrics, printing and stitchwork from an affectionate perspective of nature.
We've duplicated such gentle and distinctive textures.
mt mina

mina perhonen

  • run run run(15mm)
mt basic

A Small Tape Packed with Emotion and Surprise
Our ex series which seeks a design possibility from every angle.
Continue to make art to color your life with tape as your canvas. New ex series tape has made its debut.
Find your favorite ones to match your feelings!

mt ex

  • character strings (15mm)
    wild flower (15mm)
    flower stamp (15mm)
    collar (15mm)
    tortoiseshell (15mm)
    diamond (15mm)
    baby animals (18mm)
basic color & deco series
Refurbished the color variations of our regular lineup, including polka-dots, stripes, borders and grid paper with an abundance of color. Our regular lineup, which is very useful for wrapping and decoration, has been renewed. Enjoy using new tape in happy colors which make you feel fabulous just looking at them.
mt ex

1P basic color & deco series

  • water drop gradation blue (15mm)
    water drop gradation green (15mm)
    line gradation gold (15mm)
    line gradation silver (15mm)
    check collage pink (15mm)
    check collage yellow (15mm)
    overlapped dot orange (15mm)
    overlapped dot blue (15mm)
    rickrack yellow (15mm)
    rickrack blue (15mm)
  • pastel lemon (15mm)
    pastel ecru (15mm)
    pastel emerald (15mm)
    pastel olive (15mm)
    dot strawberry milk (15mm)
    dot shocking red (15mm)
    dot mandarin (15mm)
    dot ice (15mm)
    dot night blue (15mm)
    dot lime (15mm)
    dot soda (15mm)
    dot milk tea (15mm)
    dot gold 2 (15mm)
    dot silver (15mm)
    dot white (15mm)
    dot black 2 (15mm)
    stripe lemon (15mm)
    stripe salmon pink (15mm)
    stripe red (15mm)
    stripe magenta (15mm)
    stripe mint blue (15mm)
    stripe grayish sky (15mm)
    stripe blue (15mm)
    stripe lilac 2 (15mm)
    stripe gold 2 (15mm)
    stripe silver 2 (15mm)
    stripe white (15mm)
    stripe black 2 (15mm)
    border peach cream (15mm)
    border strawberry (15mm)
    border framboise (15mm)
    border ice (15mm)
    border soda (15mm)
    border indigo (15mm)
    border grape (15mm)
    border kiwi (15mm)
    border olive (15mm)
    border gold 2 (15mm)
    border silver 2 (15mm)
    border black (15mm)
    hougan sakura (15mm)
    hougan mandarin (15mm)
    hougan mint blue (15mm)
    hougan blueberry (15mm)
    hougan emerald (15mm)
    hougan gold (15mm)
    hougan silver 2 (15mm)
    hougan black (15mm)
    hougan field mustard (15mm)
    hougan berrymousse (15mm)
    hougan pool (15mm)
    hougan moss (15mm)