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mt factory tour vol.7

mt factory tour vol.7
2018.03.23 → 04.05 9:00 → 18:00

第7回「mt factory tour」工場見学会のお知らせ


◉2018 mt factory tourテープを始め、mtの豊富なラインナップの販売










◉ベルリンのテープアーティスト「TAPE THAT」による展示

「本社第二倉庫」、mt CASAのための「小屋」が見学できます


factory tour集合場所

factory tour集合場所=カモ井パーキング



・Each person can apply only once. Be aware that the same person cannot apply several times.
・Kamoi will strictly protect the personal information contained in the application form and will not use it for any purposes other than the application.
・Application using any forms other than Kamoi's application form will not be accepted.
・If there are many applicants, the winners will be selected by a draw. The result will be sent by e-mails at a later date.
・The draw will take place by grouping applicants based on desired day and time zone of a day for a plant tour. Kamoi will inform winners of the times of buses which will leave the gathering point for the plant.The time of the bus cannot be changed once it has been determined for each applicant.
※Click here for the bus departure time zones.
・For design reasons and to recreate the atmosphere of the time when the plant was operated as a production facility, the handrails on the circular staircase and the holes on the second floor for mixing equipment have been kept as is in the "No.3 mixing plant."This could be dangerous for children and adults, so pay special attention when passing by.Kamoi will be exempted from any responsibility for injuries and accidents that happen in the plant.

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