mt masking tape


Happiness blooms in a new season.
This year, in spring when everything starts shining,
new designs that enrich the mind are created.
We feel inspired by the beauty of nature,
and come up with ideas to make life more enjoyable.
Along with many designers and artists,
we will continue to draw small, everyday art on our mt.


  • ex
  • basic Colour Selection Set


Works with soft and warm motifs.
that are like a picture book read quietly at night.

For when you want to spend a relaxing time
reading books and drawing pictures.
We have assembled a lineup of healing designs that suit these feelings perfectly,
including ones with kittens, fires, crayons, leather tags and spices.
Flying squirrels make an appearance in our hugely popular pictorial book series.


mt ex

  • mt ex crayon check (15mm×7m)
    mt ex crayon check (15mm×7m)
    mt ex knitting tape (15mm×7m)
    mt ex knitting tape (15mm×7m)
    mt ex kitten (15mm×7m)
    mt ex kitten (15mm×7m)
    mt ex lined up spices (15mm×7m)
    mt ex lined up spices (15mm×7m)
    mt ex rocket (15mm×7m)
    mt ex rocket (15mm×7m)
    mt ex stone collage (15mm×7m)
    mt ex stone collage (15mm×7m)
    mt ex bonfire (15mm×7m)
    mt ex bonfire (15mm×7m)
    mt ex autumn and winter motif (18mm×7m)
    mt ex autumn and winter motif (18mm×7m)
    mt ex leather tag (30mm×7m)
    mt ex leather tag (30mm×7m)
    mt ex encyclopedia flying squirrel (30mm×7m)
    mt ex encyclopedia flying squirrel (30mm×7m)
mt exmt ex

basic Colour Selection Set

Recommended colours were
selected from mt's great assortment.

According to various scenes,moods and
style,find here our bestseller selection.

basic Colour Selection Set

Blue 15colours × 4tapes = 60tapes/set (15mm × 7m)

  • dot ice
    dot ice
  • border soda
    border soda
  • dot soda
    dot soda
  • baby blue
    baby blue
  • hougan mint blue
    hougan mint blue
  • triangle and diamond blue
    triangle and diamond blue
  • hougan blueberry
    hougan blueberry
  • check light blue
    check light blue
  • stripe grayish sky
    stripe grayish sky
  • blue
  • stripe blue
    stripe blue
  • ruri
  • seigaihamon tsuyukusa
    seigaihamon tsuyukusa
  • aonibi
  • hanabishi・tomekon

Green 15colours × 4tapes = 60tapes/set (15mm × 7m)

  • slash green
    slash green
  • hougan emerald
    hougan emerald
  • pastel ivy
    pastel ivy
  • mesh green
    mesh green
  • shocking green
    shocking green
  • dot lime
    dot lime
  • pastel leaf
    pastel leaf
  • wakanae
  • border kiwi
    border kiwi
  • samekomon hisui
    samekomon hisui
  • mujinagiku hiwa
    mujinagiku hiwa
  • uguisu
  • kumikikkou rokushou
    kumikikkou rokushou
  • green
  • peacock

Red 15colours × 4tapes = 60tapes/set (15mm × 7m)

  • shocking orange
    shocking orange
  • dot shocking red
    dot shocking red
  • hougan sakura
    hougan sakura
  • triangle and diamond pink
    triangle and diamond pink
  • shocking pink
    shocking pink
  • shocking red
    shocking red
  • ninjin
  • samekomon outou
    samekomon outou
  • fluorescent gradation pink × yellow
    fluorescent gradation pink × yellow
  • asanoha shuaka
    asanoha shuaka
  • border framboise
    border framboise
  • heart spot
    heart spot
  • red
  • fade dot
    fade dot
  • stripe red
    stripe red

Pastel 15colours × 4tapes = 60tapes/set (15mm × 7m)

  • pastel scarlet
    pastel scarlet
  • pastel carrot
    pastel carrot
  • pastel marigold
    pastel marigold
  • pastel sunflower
    pastel sunflower
  • pastel leaf
    pastel leaf
  • pastel ivy
    pastel ivy
  • pastel turquoise
    pastel turquoise
  • pastel cyan
    pastel cyan
  • pastel ultramarine
    pastel ultramarine
  • pastel lavender
    pastel lavender
  • pastel raspberry
    pastel raspberry
  • pastel rose
    pastel rose
  • pastel cocoa
    pastel cocoa
  • pastel pearlgray
    pastel pearlgray
  • pastel ivory
    pastel ivory

Gold and Silver 15colours × 4tapes = 60tapes/set (15mm × 7m)

  • border silver 2
    border silver 2
  • hougan silver 2
    hougan silver 2
  • pastel pearlgray
    pastel pearlgray
  • silver
  • stripe silver 2
    stripe silver 2
  • dot silver
    dot silver
  • stripe gold 2
    stripe gold 2
  • border gold 2
    border gold 2
  • stripe silver
    stripe silver
  • hougan gold
    hougan gold
  • dot gold 2
    dot gold 2
  • dot S gold
    dot S gold
  • asanoha sinchu
    asanoha sinchu
  • gold
  • stripe gold
    stripe gold

Black and White 15colours × 4tapes = 60tapes/set (15mm × 7m)

  • stripe white
    stripe white
  • matte white
    matte white
  • dot white
    dot white
  • dot black 2
    dot black 2
  • hougan black
    hougan black
  • separate check monochrome
    separate check monochrome
  • Ichiro Yamaguchi leaf
    Ichiro Yamaguchi leaf
  • pastel pearlgray
    pastel pearlgray
  • border black
    border black
  • stripe black 2
    stripe black 2
  • Ichiro Yamaguchi bird
    Ichiro Yamaguchi bird
  • stripe black
    stripe black
  • matte black
    matte black
  • yukiwa midorinezu
    yukiwa midorinezu
  • matte gray
    matte gray

Yellow 15colours × 4tapes = 60tapes/set (15mm × 7m)

  • shocking yellow
    shocking yellow
  • matte yellow
    matte yellow
  • permanent bellows(High Brightness)
    permanent bellows(High Brightness)
  • SOU・SOU zou
    SOU・SOU zou
  • tamago
  • SOU・SOU blooming
    SOU・SOU blooming
  • random wave
    random wave
  • shocking orange
    shocking orange
  • mesh yellow
    mesh yellow
  • himawari
  • yellow
  • OTTAIPNU cake
    OTTAIPNU cake
  • pop dot yellow
    pop dot yellow
  • stripe lemon
    stripe lemon
  • mt ex citrus
    mt ex citrus