mt masking tape

Christmas 2016 Special Items
Create, Send, Share:mt Christmas.
Do a little more for family and friends with mt,
wrapping your time together in happiness.
An mt Christmas:
sharing joy with those you love.

mt Christmas 1P

  • クラフト (20mm)
    craft (20mm)
    クリスマスクッキー (15mm)
    christmas cookies (15mm)
    スノードーム (25mm)
    snow globe (25mm)
    christmas animals (20mm)
    赤と緑 (20mm)
    red and green (20mm)
    プレゼント (20mm)
    present (20mm)
    クリスマス・チェック (15mm)
    christmas check (15mm)
    宝石 (20mm)
    jewel (20mm)
    ペーパーツリー (25mm)
    christmas paper tree (25mm)

mt Christmas set 2016(With a special mt sticker,for a christmas kit only)

  • mt Christmas set 2016 A
    mt Christmas set 2016 B
    mt Christmas set 2016 C