mt masking tape

Get more out of the seasons of color with mt!
As spring and summer come around again, the world around us fills with an abundance of color. Here at mt, we've created a new lineup again this year to enjoy these exciting seasons more. Beautiful colors, patterns, and cute designs. Why not express the season in your own way with new mt?

mt artist

Where to go next?
Enjoy the world of Saul Bass.

This tape using famous graphic designer Saul Bass' only picture book, "Henri's Walk to Paris," as its motif, attracts the eyes with its vivid colors and bold design. The charming animals and flowers, along with Henri, lead us through a wonderful tale.

mt × artist series

  • Saul Bass ANIMALS (15mm)
    Saul Bass FLOWERS (20mm)
    Saul Bass WALK (20mm)
    Saul Bass LITTLE BIRD (25mm)
mt mina perhonen
This stylish tape in good and silver, a new gift from minä perhonen, will tickle the fancy of any young girl.
This tape is collaboration between mt and minä perhonen, popular for the unique sense showing in their gentle illustrations. By simply affixing this wide tape, you'll quickly create a wonderful new world.
mt mina perhonen

mt × minä perhonen

  • tambourine grande・silver (48mm)
    soda water・gold (35mm)
mt ex

Cherries, animals and delicious cakes. Welcome to the world of original mt art.
Tapes with various designs to put a spring in your step. Crisp colors and detail only mt can make. Color your favorite things in cheerful colors. What will you re-imagine with mt?

mt ex

  • mt ex cherries (15mm)
    mt ex phenocryst (15mm)
    mt ex safari park (20mm)
    mt ex label watercolor (25mm)
    mt ex baked sweets (30mm)
mt for kids
Building blocks and puzzles Everyone's much-loved toys now on mt tape!
This new addition has been added to our cute and playful series of tapes for children. Animals hiding in puzzles, building blocks forming faces, what else can you find?
mt for kids

mt for kids

  • string art(15mm)
    building block(15mm)
    jigsaw puzzle(15mm)
mt basic
mt basic
Experience in pastel the gentle transparency unique to Japanese paper.
This gentle airy pastel joins the great selection boasted by our “Basic” series. It combines the texture of Japanese paper with a gentle color selection. Its delicate, never-before-seen hues are heart-warming to behold.

mt basic color

  • pastel yellow (15mm)
    pastel orange (15mm)
    pastel red (15mm)
    pastel pink (15mm)
    pastel purple (15mm)
    pastel blue (15mm)
    pastel powder blue (15mm)
    pastel mint (15mm)
    pastel green (15mm)
    pastel lime (15mm)
    pastel brown (15mm)
    pastel gray (15mm)
mt deco series
Stripes, boarders, squares, and hearts. Cute and easy to use addition to our Deco series
Introducing color variations on our wildly popular heart series introduced at “mt at MOMA.” Enjoy a handmade life unique to you!
mt deco series

mt deco series

  • heart scale (15mm)
    heart line (15mm)
    heart spot (15mm)
    heart stamp blue (15mm)
    dot black x gray (15mm)
    stripe shocking orange (15mm)
    stripe sakura (15mm)
    stripe suna (15mm)
    stripe hisui (15mm)
    stripe almond (15mm)
    border hujiiro (15mm)
    border wakamidori (15mm)
    border mikan (15mm)
    border gold (15mm)
    border silver (15mm)
    hougan milk mocha (15mm)
    hougan lemon x kusa (15mm)
    hougan aqua gray x cyan (15mm)
    hougan shocking pink x shocking blue (15mm)
    hougan red x black (15mm)